dotCO launches membership program

The dotCO registry launched a special membership program yesterday. Its filled with goodies that anyone can take advantage of, just by having a .co domain name. Ive been trying it out and they have really cool gifts. You can get tickets to startup weekends, you can gain access to cool co-working spaces in London and NYC, you can get free credit on Adsense. All in all, it seems like a great strategy to encourage a proper adoption of the dotCO domain within a community of product builders, people who actually wish to develop great content around their domains.

Kudos to the registry and its team. This new form of  “virtual startup incubation” is an excellent way to innovate within the domain markets and is certainly an example to follow for all of the upcoming new gTLD’s (.music, .blog, .news, etc).

If you want to be a part of their new membership program, click here and register a dotco if you dont already have one.

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