Wondering who your closest FB friends are? Theres a hack for that :)

So Facebook knows a lot about you. They know how many times you have seen someones profile, how many inboxes and chats you’ve started, they know how many reciprocal likes you have, how many shared interests, they know when you’re both geographically nearby. So how do they use that knowledge to make your Facebook experience relevant, coherent and accurate? They assign your friends a score, and depending on that score, they make you see more or less of that person, encouraging more or less interaction with them. Its interesting to think, because if facebook were determined to make you like someone more, or at least interact with them more, they certainly have the ways to do it.

So… who are your closest friends according to Facebook? Using a little bit of javascript you can have a neat list of your closest 100 friends. All you need to do is the following:

  • Go to your Facebook profile page, right click anywhere, then click “view page source”. This show’s you the html source code of the page.
  • Now push command + F (or just use the search function of your browser) and search the page for “OrderedFriendsListInitialData”.
  • Now highlight and copy the whole array of numbers after that phrase, excluding the first and last quotation mark.

Now click here and insert those numbers in the text field I have provided. You will then have a neat list of your top 100 friends, as judged by Facebook.


dotCO launches membership program

The dotCO registry launched a special membership program yesterday. Its filled with goodies that anyone can take advantage of, just by having a .co domain name. Ive been trying it out and they have really cool gifts. You can get tickets to startup weekends, you can gain access to cool co-working spaces in London and NYC, you can get free credit on Adsense. All in all, it seems like a great strategy to encourage a proper adoption of the dotCO domain within a community of product builders, people who actually wish to develop great content around their domains.

Kudos to the registry and its team. This new form of  “virtual startup incubation” is an excellent way to innovate within the domain markets and is certainly an example to follow for all of the upcoming new gTLD’s (.music, .blog, .news, etc).

If you want to be a part of their new membership program, click here and register a dotco if you dont already have one.

Apple has enough cash to buy Amazon, or FB, HP & Dell.

The legacy of Steve Jobs is something that an entrepreneur as myself would do well to study, respect and strive to reach. His dedication towards what he believed in ended up empowering millions of people with functional and beautiful technological tools. As if that wasnt enough, he built a business which nowadays is so incredibly profitable, that with the cash they have in hand (121.3 Billion Usd), they could outright purchase Amazon (market cap of 100.77 Billion), or FB, Yahoo, Dell & HP bundled up.

Its interesting to put it in that perspective. Some of the most iconic, memorable and representative brands of the internet and PC manufacturers, all under one hypothetical roof. Of course, to make a move like that would most certainly ring many bells and scare everyone. Then again its still an Interesting scenario to play in ones mind.

So whats the real question that arises from this? Perhaps this… Will there be a different Apple in 2040? What iconic products or services will lead that company towards its growth. What will my children refuse to leave the house without, when they’re off to study at their universities?

I guess ill try to find out and do it.

New PlayStation 3 Hack May Be Unstoppable

A very interesting development has taken place around the PlayStation 3 with a theoretically unstoppable hack.

The PlayStation 3 has been around since 2006, and since then, hackers have been trying to have their way with it. The system has proven to be very difficult to crack, though not completely impossible.

Sony released a major firmware update for the PS3 in 2011, it was update 3.60. That firmware update patched many of the wholes hackers were using, and prevented modded and hacked consoles from connecting to the online PlayStation Network. Up to now, the only work-around, was to not update past the firmware version 3.55.

Today however, the block keeping hacked consoles away from the network has now been surpassed with custom firmware.  Simultaneously, the LV0 decryption keys for the PS3 have been dispersed through the internetz. According to Eurogamer:

The reveal of the LV0 key basically means that any system update released by Sony going forward can be decrypted with little or no effort whatsoever. Options Sony has in battling this leak are limited – every PS3 out there needs to be able to decrypt any firmware download package in order for the console to be updated (a 2006 launch PS3 can still update directly to the latest software). The release of the LV0 key allows for that to be achieved on PC, with the CoreOS and XMB files then re-encrypted using the existing 3.55 keys in order to be run on hacked consoles.

In simpler words: having access to the key means that a PC can now pretend to be a PS3. It can connect to the network, download information (games, files) and then produce games and files that can be read in physical format by modified PS3 consoles.  As it stands, Sony will most likely be un capable of stopping this work around.

Agencia de Marketing Digital

Mavish Marketing Agency

Mavish Marketing Agency es una agencia de marketing digital con un enfoque particular en el manejo de campañas de Adwords, optimización en buscadores y manejo de social media. Estamos basados en Bogotá, Colombia, pero tenemos experiencia manejando cuentas en todo el mundo, tanto en español como en inglés.

Tomas Dueñas Uribe

Para el manejo de campañas de Adwords, usamos una tecnología mediante la cual podemos hacer modificaciones automáticas en tiempo real sobre los bids por cada click. Lo que quiere decir es que constantemente ajustamos las pujas con base en qué tanta demanda se está generando por parte de la competencia. Esto genera resultados mucho mejores, ya que se gasta menos cuando no es necesario competir.


Si estás interesado en conseguir los mejores resultados en Adwords, salúdanos en hello@mavish.com

Mavish Reaches 25 Million Visitors on It’s First Year

Mavish reached more than 25 Million Visitors during its first year of operations. At the time it was ranking as the number 2 startup in Colombia and later represented Colombia at the MassChallenge competition in Boston during the last week of October of 2013.

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 6.38.51 PM

Cool to notice that the only startups within the top 10 ranking that have not yet received funding by investors are Mavish and Carros.com.co 🙂